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Who played there in the 19th Century

Read newspaper clippings and see photos and historic documents from the Opera House's early years. We've included actual photographs of performers from across the country who played at the Opera House with historical or biographical information to provide context.

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Redpath Chautuaqua

The Chautauqua movement benefitted Giles County. During the early 20th century the traveling cultural and entertainment show stopped to perform in Pulaski.

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Historic Antoinette Hall Opera House 

19th Century News Stories & Ads about the Opera House 

Find out more about the building of the Opera House and see copies of ads used to entice visitors.

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The Opera House has yielded many artifacts by exploration, while people have also donated or shared artifacts pertinent to Pulaski and Giles County history from Antoinette Hall's heyday.

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Maps of Opera House

The Opera House was noted on the D.G. Beers and Sanborn maps spanning 1878-1916.

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Godey's Magazine Fashion Plates

What were Antoinette Hall's guests wearing for a night on the town? The people of Pulaski and surrounding communities had access to magazines featuring the latest fashions of the time as well as the fashions themselves.

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Who was Angenol Cox & what happened to him?

Wealthy businessman, Angenol Cox had Antoinette Hall Opera House built in the summer and fall of 1868 for a Christmas opening. By 1872 Cox was long gone from Pulaski.

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Antoinette Hall's Story.

Antoinette Hall Opera House was built during the summer and fall of 1868 on the south east corner of the Pulaski Public Square following a fire that destroyed most of Pulaski's east side. It opened Christmas 1868 and offered a venue for traveling entertainment, local productions, lectures, graduations and many other events over a 50-year period.