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M.A Smith operated this shop on the first floor of Antoinette Hall. This is one of many ads from the Pulaski Citizen for her Millinery.

Giles County was one of several counties surveyed for the 1878 D.G. Beers map project. The map includes identification of home and business owners throughout the county. Two of the original three maps still exist. One is in the Giles County Old Records Department on the Third Floor of the County Courthouse. The other is in the Giles County Historical Society's Genealogical Research Room located in the Giles County Public Library.

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Old Maps of Pulaski, Tennesssee

Sanborn Insurance Maps of Pulaski

Real estate transfers between J.T Steele and A. Cox were published in the Pulaski Citizen on July 10, 1873. Steele is shown as the owner of the Opera House property on the 1878 D.G. Beers map.

Sanborn Maps is an American publisher of historical and current maps of US cities and towns. The maps were initially created to estimate fire insurance risks. Daniel Alfred Sanborn, a civil engineer and surveyor, began working on fire insurance maps in 1866. That year, he was contracted by the Aetna Insurance Company to prepare maps of areas in Tennessee.

Occupants of Antoinette Hall
Building Complex

1888 & 1891  Boots & Shoes                            Dry Goods

​1895               Boots & Shoes                            Groceries

1899​               Boots, Shoes & Clothing            Millinery

1905​ & 1910  Boots, Shoes & Clothing            Fancy (women's)

1916               Boots, Shoes & Clothing            Drugs